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[r8] (HEAD) by sisternicky

-- First Final Release

2011-12-24 10:32:57 Tree
[r7] by sisternicky
2011-12-24 10:31:54 Tree
[r6] by sisternicky
2011-12-24 10:26:26 Tree
[r5] by sisternicky

-- Fixed a bug that allowed you to enter a Value in a hidden field
-- Upgraded to Final Status

2011-12-24 10:25:37 Tree
[r4] by sisternicky

-- Added DefaultValues.xml to commit

2011-12-14 22:07:15 Tree
[r3] by sisternicky

Version 1.0.1

Fixed: The default Language was always chosen regardless of the system language.
Fixed: The localization resources are now included in the setup file
Fixed: Subversion Access :)
Added: Localization should now be updated instantly when the system language is changed
Added: Added a slightly changed version of WPFLocalizationExtencion to the source code

2011-12-14 22:06:03 Tree
[r2] by sisternicky

-- Added Project MC34063 Universal Calculator

2011-12-14 22:04:06 Tree
[r1] by allura

Initial commit

2011-12-14 21:56:36 Tree