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FastFlow 2.1.0 version available in the SVN.

New FastFlow version released in the SVN. We are working to prepare a new tarball.

Posted by Massimo Torquati 2015-10-13

FastFlow 2.0.1 available on SVN

The new 2.0.1 version is ready for download directly from SVN. Soon we'll provide a new tarball.

Posted by Massimo Torquati 2013-04-24

FastFlow v2.0 now available

V2.0 is now available on the SVN (no tarball yet). The version 2.0 extends the programming model to distributed and cluster of SMPs. Several improvements to synchronizations mechanisms. V2.0 is stable under Linux and MacOS, it is under test under Win. The core of the library has been successfully ported on iOS (not released yet, see screenshots). Looking for developers.

Posted by Marco Aldinucci 2012-07-15