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MBSE v1.0.4 Update

MBSE v1.0.4 has been released, this includes updated code for the binkd protocol that had issues dealing with communication with binkd v1.0 and v1.1 when downgrading from 1.1 to 1.0. Also ftscprod has been updated to 016.

Posted by Vincent (Bryan) Coen 2014-10-06

Downloads back at SF.

After 10 years, hosting of mbsebbs is back here at Sourceforge. Some parts like the manual are still on the old site, but that will be moved too.

Posted by Michiel Broek 2013-11-01

DOORS released

Two internal MBSE BBS doors are now external and can be used by any Unix BBS. To use them you need to install the doorlib library first. The doors are: message to nextuser door and the safe cracker doorgame.

Posted by Michiel Broek 2003-03-01

MBSE BBS file distribution

MBSE BBS is now available at the Fidonet filegate distribution network. This area is available at every IFDC hub.

Posted by Michiel Broek 2002-12-08

MBSE support echo.

MBSE BBS now has a users support echomail area on the international Fidonet backbone. The tag is MBSE and the area is moderated by Vince Coen.


Posted by Michiel Broek 2002-07-28

MBSE BBS available on CVS.

MBSE BBS is now also available on the CVS server. See http://mbse.sourceforge.net/download.php for details how to download and install MBSE BBS from the CVS server.

Posted by Michiel Broek 2001-10-17

MBSE BBS 0.33.15 released.

MBSE BBS version 0.33.15 is released today. You can find it at http://mbse.sourceforge.net

Posted by Michiel Broek 2001-01-22