This is a NO COMPROMISE encryption program. It's
weakest link is the LENGTH of the KEY that you choose to use.

  • Allows you to use a 24-bit BMP picture to store the encryption message.
  • The KEY length can be anywhere from 4 to 32
  • The TEXT to be enciphered can be up to 32000 characters long.
  • This program DOES NOT encipher any file. It is
    designed to encipher TEXT ONLY. It is also designed to allow you to enter enciphered text from a printout, so
    there are limitations as to what characters can be
    entered when entering en-de-ciphered text. Make sure
    you are in the correct mode ('Entering Plain Text' or
    'Entering Ciphered Text') when entering text.
  • LOWER case text is NOT SUPPORTED in this program.
    Do not paste text into the program, save the text
    to a file and then open it in Maznik.
  • Save an enciphered E-Mail message to a file and then
    open it in Maznik. This will assure that the extra
    characters that the E-Mail may contain are eliminated
    before Maznik opens it.

This program is FREEWARE, disseminate as you wish, all
in the interest of being able to retain at least some
privacy in this world of continually reduced autonomy.