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[91c19d] (release-5_9_3-base) by lbutler lbutler

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2006-02-21 05:52:09 Tree
[331cde] by robert_dodier robert_dodier

Modified rtest_trig.mac to collect some expressions to make it easier
to tell which functions yield erroneous results.

Modified rtest_diff_invtrig.mac, rtest_everysome.mac, rtest_scalarp.mac,
rtest_trig.mac, and rtest_zeta.mac to call kill(all) at the top of the script,
since other test scripts generally do that.

2006-02-21 05:52:08 Tree
[8c971e] by willisbl willisbl

moved two tests from rtestnset to rtest_everysome. The
value of prederror is controled in rtest_everysome.

2006-02-20 21:24:59 Tree
[ad1543] by robert_dodier robert_dodier

Cut out declarations which cause SBCL to barf.
SBCL, GCL, and Clisp all happy now with lu.lisp.

2006-02-20 18:46:35 Tree
[e30f7d] by ficmatinfmag ficmatinfmag

Portuguese translation. Manual revision.

2006-02-20 08:53:07 Tree
[dac0f1] by riotorto riotorto

Changing default value for rpoisson_algorithm

2006-02-19 10:43:36 Tree
[1db2df] by ficmatinfmag ficmatinfmag

Portuguese translation. Manual translation revision.

2006-02-19 07:54:36 Tree
[c7a0f0] by robert_dodier robert_dodier

Reorganized page, added a few links.

2006-02-18 18:46:53 Tree
[8fbfef] by willisbl willisbl

(1) removed matrixp and listp -- use new nset functions
'every' and 'some' instead

(2) deleted load(polynomialp) from test-polynomialp.mac

(3) changed mytest to use file_search

2006-02-17 11:00:26 Tree
[216517] by willisbl willisbl

(1) changing 'every' and 'some' to take matrix arguments.
(2) additionall testing for 'every' and 'some'

2006-02-16 19:32:32 Tree
[838f36] by riotorto riotorto is not necessary

2006-02-16 19:03:08 Tree
[e6de87] by riotorto riotorto

Updated translations

2006-02-16 19:00:41 Tree
[347784] by riotorto riotorto

Linear and cubic spline interpolation included

2006-02-16 16:13:13 Tree
[e6f57c] by robert_dodier robert_dodier

Cut out some out-of-date parts and revise others.
- Cut out commented-out stuff about nset-init.lisp (no longer needed)
and test-nset.mac (moved to test suite)
- Cut out commented-out stuff about installation (no longer needed)
- Cut out stuff about declaring matchfix ("{", "}")
(happens automatically now) and mention {...} notation in intro
- Cut out stuff about bugs in old versions of Maxima (doesn't apply
to versions of Maxima with built-in set functions)
- Move stuff about combinatorial and miscellaneous functions to intro

2006-02-16 06:47:35 Tree
[ef0714] by robert_dodier robert_dodier

Added an item for setequalp (previously undocumented).

2006-02-16 06:16:18 Tree
[c16c44] by robert_dodier robert_dodier

Added some run_testsuite timing results.

2006-02-16 05:50:54 Tree
[6f4bb1] by rtoy rtoy

o Add comments, reindent some code
o Fix bug 1405931: The major problem was that we were only computing
the residues for one pole, not all of the poles that we found.

o Add test for Bug 1405931

2006-02-15 19:53:45 Tree
[77d33b] by rtoy rtoy

o Rewrite maset1 and maref1 in a more typical CL fashion, fixing a few
- Recognize CL arrays and handle them appropriately.
- Support maxima's old-style hash arrays.

o Add tests for the changes.

2006-02-15 16:47:06 Tree
[24ebf6] by rtoy rtoy

Fix indentation.

2006-02-15 16:44:29 Tree
[58f914] by robert_dodier robert_dodier

An attempt to provide a simple implementation of base 10 logarithm.

2006-02-15 14:49:36 Tree
[dadafc] by vvzhy vvzhy

Wrap %eclude statements in %in %endif

2006-02-14 14:45:54 Tree
[6b6ab8] by ficmatinfmag ficmatinfmag

Portuguese translation. Correcting @'[Ii]tem to [Ii]tem.

2006-02-14 06:56:19 Tree
[599134] by andrejv andrejv

Change unix-like-dirname and unix-like-basename to support clisp on windows.

2006-02-13 22:51:26 Tree
[bf333e] by rtoy rtoy

o Add a reference to Moses' thesis.
o Reindented a few functions.
o Add comments to TRIGINT to show what's happening and reference
Moses' thesis.

2006-02-13 18:18:27 Tree
[d2e98f] by robert_dodier robert_dodier

Added item for Kayali project.

2006-02-13 15:57:28 Tree
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