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[5e23f0] (just-after-scl-patches-20060726) by lbutler lbutler

This commit was manufactured by cvs2svn to create tag 'just-after-scl-

2006-08-01 02:33:08 Tree
[3dc423] (release-5_10_0-base) by lbutler lbutler

This commit was manufactured by cvs2svn to create branch 'RELEASE-

2006-08-01 02:33:07 Tree
[c7ec51] by robert_dodier robert_dodier

src/grind.lisp: Adjust MSIZE-ATOM for noun atoms. This fixes a bug introduced
in most recent revision (r1.16) in which nouns are printed with superfluous ?%.
Also cut out special-case for %derivative (it is now handled by code for all nouns).
tests/rtest16.mac: new tests to test recent changes to MSIZE-ATOM via Maxima
string function (which calls MSIZE and therefore MSIZE-ATOM).

2006-08-01 02:33:06 Tree
[7d5959] by robert_dodier robert_dodier

Revise description text. Change group to Sciences/Mathematics for all rpms
generated by this spec file.

2006-08-01 02:28:50 Tree
[c60f19] by robert_dodier robert_dodier

Minor rewording in introductory paragraph.

2006-08-01 02:23:31 Tree
[956dea] by villate villate

Figures for the chapter about package dynamics in the PDF version of the manual.

2006-07-31 23:37:32 Tree
[79365e] by villate villate

Added dynamics.texi to the list of texinfo sources.

2006-07-31 23:20:32 Tree
[f0d235] by villate villate

Added new maxima_83.html to the list of HTML files.

2006-07-31 23:19:35 Tree
[fff9a4] by villate villate

Removes linebreaks in the definition of functions.

2006-07-31 23:14:21 Tree
[10687e] by villate villate

Documentation for additional package dynamics

2006-07-31 23:00:45 Tree
[a87584] by villate villate

Figures for the documentation of package dynamics

2006-07-31 22:58:05 Tree
[8ce8ff] by riotorto riotorto

Renaming sections

2006-07-31 18:21:18 Tree
[d942f8] by villate villate

Added two additional packages: dynamics.mac (numerical/graphical modules for dynamical systems and fractals) and graph2d.lisp (discrete plots using xmaxima)

2006-07-31 17:35:17 Tree
[67cce1] by riotorto riotorto

Fixing examples in 'floor' and 'ceiling'

2006-07-31 17:23:51 Tree
[9c548c] by riotorto riotorto

Updating translation

2006-07-31 17:00:39 Tree
[534a00] by villate villate

Declares local variables to prevent warnings in SBCL and CMUCL. Symbols in the input functions will not be converted into lower-case.

2006-07-31 13:33:10 Tree
[54aff9] by ficmatinfmag ficmatinfmag

Manual Portuguese Translation. Including Vadim in manteirs list.

2006-07-31 07:56:21 Tree
[209357] by ficmatinfmag ficmatinfmag

Manual Portuguese Translation. Updating from English cvs version 1.48 to 1.49.

2006-07-31 07:42:19 Tree
[9e1908] by robert_dodier robert_dodier

Change name of Allegro CL from acl6 and ACL6 to acl and ACL, respectively.
Allegro is up to version 8 and it seems suboptimal to make the name depend on a version number.
With these changes, sh bootstrap; ./configure --enable-acl --with-acl=/usr/local/path/to/acl
succeeds, and make begins compiling files (although make fails to complete because the trial
version of ACL which I have refuses to compile one of the files due to heap limitation).

2006-07-31 02:25:52 Tree
[d98206] by villate villate

Solves a bug when saving 3d graphs due to the lack of a bounding rectangle. If there is no rectangle, a white rectangle will be drawn at the canvas border.

2006-07-31 00:11:18 Tree
[32e6da] by villate villate

Instead of the coordinates of the pointer, show the azimuth and elevation angles in the upper left corner of the canvas.

2006-07-30 23:33:27 Tree
[2fc79c] by villate villate

Use "Pointer coordinates" to identify the place where the coordinates are shown.

2006-07-30 23:32:11 Tree
[992138] by villate villate

Changed the menu to the same new structure used in plot2d and plotdf.

2006-07-30 20:03:28 Tree
[904660] by vvzhy vvzhy

Tabs expanded to spaces

2006-07-30 19:44:08 Tree
[0a9b63] by vvzhy vvzhy


2006-07-30 19:42:20 Tree
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