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Read Me

Here is a brief explanation of how it works.

You should have write access to /home/groups/m/ma/maxima/ at and to the Maxima GIT repository
(i.e. you should be a developer of Maxima project at the SF).


DO NOT edit the .html files in /home/groups/m/ma/maxima/htdocs since
they are generated automatically. The sources are stored in the GIT
module 'site-xml'.

The template is main.xsl; all .xml files should be transformed
using .xsl. Please, ensure that your changes are valid XHTML 1.0
Strict or at least well-formed XML (you can check it by the special
tools like xmllint or xsltproc or by opening XML files in a web
browser with built-in XSLT processor, e.g. Firefox).

For transformations I recommend xsltproc

An example session (suppose the user ID is bob):

Either do a fresh clone:
  ~/foo$ git clone ssh://
Or update your existing repository:
  ~/foo$ cd site-xml  
  ~/foo$ git pull
  ~/foo$ git checkout -b fixit ; cd es
  ~/foo/site-xml/es$ emacs documentation.xml
  ~/foo/site-xml/es$ git commit -m 'message' documentation.xml
  ~/foo/site-xml/es$ xsltproc documentation.xml ../main.xsl > documentation.html
  ~/foo/site-xml/es$ scp documentation.html bob,
  ~/foo/site-xml/es$ rm documentation.html

Contact Alexey Beshenov <> if there are some problems.