Psi is the balanced polygamma function, which I believe in Maxima is bfpsi. How can I format it so that Maxima can recognize the integral inside the limit?

On Wed, Jun 4, 2014 at 12:09 PM, Raymond Toy <> wrote:
>>>>> "James" == James Hozier <> writes:

    James> I am trying to do: limit(1 / n^2 * integrate(bfpsi(-2,x+1,16) * (sin((2n - 1)*x) / sin(x))^3, x, 0,
    James> %pi / 2), n, inf);

    James> But I get a bunch of syntax errors, presumably because I'm trying to put an integral inside a
    James> limit. For ease of visibility, here in LaTeX typeset is what the problem should appear as:

Several things are wrong here. 2n should be written 2*n. And based on
the image, I think bfpsi(-2,x+1,16) is not what you want. I think the
image says 1/psi(x+1)^2.

In any case, I suspect maxima can't do the limit because maxima can't
figure out what the integral looks like.


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