#27 Interactive Gnuplots


Presently, Maxima uses gnuplot by running the command:

gnuplot -persist maxout.gnuplot

or some variant thereof. It would be nice if the user could take full
advantage of gnuplots interactive graph manipulation features. In
order to do that, gnuplot must remain running in interactive mode for
as long as the user wishes to manipulate the plot. The brain-dead
way to do that would be to use the following command:

gnuplot -persist maxout.gnuplot -

That method presents one major problem: it would lead to a
profusion of headless gnuplot processes. This could be solved by
somehow having maxima drive a single gnuplot process running
invisibly in interactive mode. That would have it's own issues that
need to be worked around, of course, including plot window
management and broken connections when windows are closed.
Ideally for Maxima, and probably many other projects as well, would
be submitting a change to gnuplot that gave it the ability to keep
running in interactive mode until the plot window is closed.


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    I would like to see this implemented.

    Currently, Maxima in conjunction with TeXmacs fills very
    well my needs, and the only place where I find it somewhat
    uncomfortable is in the plotting area. This request would be
    a good improvement.