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#477 clarification of docs/messages related to debugging

Robert Dodier

I've identified a number of issues related to the
documentation for using the Maxima debugger and also
the messages generated by that code and messages
related to debugging in a few other places.

I've attached the notes (strangeness-debug.txt) from
which I was working. Each "+" in the notes indicates
something which was changed in the Texinfo or Lisp
files, although not necessarily in just the way
described in the notes. The abbreviation "atwaa" means
"appears to work as advertised".

I've also attached a diff for the affected Texinfo
files (Command.texi, Program.texi, Runtime.texi,
Debugging.texi) and the affected Lisp files
(merror.lisp, mdebug.lisp, macsys.lisp).

The Texinfo changes are mostly to better explain the
current behavior of functions, put in documentation for
thus-far undocumente functions, and erase documentation
for obsolete functions.

The Lisp changes are mostly to make messages agree with
the documentation or to make messages easier to
understand. The one functional change is to replace
MBREAK-LOOP with BREAK-DBM-LOOP in $BREAK (macsys.lisp).

All of these changes have been made in an attempt to
make Maxima easier to comprehend and use. I am hoping
to get the attention of someone who can commit some or
all of these changes. Any comments or discussion would
be extremely helpful.


  • Robert Dodier
    Robert Dodier

    Working notes for changes to debugging docs/code

  • Robert Dodier
    Robert Dodier

    diff for texinfo files related to debugging

  • Robert Dodier
    Robert Dodier

    diff for lisp files related to debugging