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#1316 Do not use the option -a for cp(1) in extract_categories.sh

Satoshi Adachi

Dear Developers of Maxima,

Today, I built maxima-5.14.0cvs from its CVS source
over the base Lisp system gcl-2.6.7-with-my-modification.

I am using Macintosh iBook G4 running MaxOS 10.5.1(Leopard).

I found a single problem in a shell script


The "make instlal" stage failed finally and I traced its origin
in the log file of the command. The error came from a line
in the above shell script. I changed the script as follows:

*** extract_categories.sh.org Thu Dec 6 02:36:05 2007
--- extract_categories.sh Thu Dec 27 14:11:40 2007
*** 9,15 ****

WORKING_DIRECTORY=`mktemp -d /tmp/maxima-texinfo-categories-XXXXXX`
! cp -a *.texi figures $WORKING_DIRECTORY

--- 9,15 ----

WORKING_DIRECTORY=`mktemp -d /tmp/maxima-texinfo-categories-XXXXXX`
! cp -pR *.texi figures $WORKING_DIRECTORY

This is because cp(1) on MacOSX does not have the option "-a".

To inspect the meaning of the option "-a" for cp(1),
I read man page for cp(1) on a Linux box. It is written as

-a, --archive
same as -dpR

The options "-p" and "-R" for cp(1) are commmon on MacOSX and
the flavor (linux ?) of UNIX that the developers of Maxima are using.
However, the option "-d" does not exist on MacOSX.
The option "-d" for cp(1) is described on Linux as

-d, --no-dereference
never follow symbolic links

The option "-d" for cp(1) on Linux corresponds to the option "-P" for cp(1)
on MacOSX.

I suspect that the option "-d" on Linux or "-P" on MacOSX is unnecessary
in the current case. I accordingly changed the shell script
extract_categories.sh as the above diff file describes.

If the option "-d" is necessary in actual,
please write by yourself an appropriate code
in the shell script extract_categories.sh
without using the option "-a" for cp(1).

If this problem is fixed, Maxima users on MacOSX become more happier.
So, please fix this problem.

Thank you.

Sincerely yours,
Satoshi Adachi

P.S. I have confirmed that the two bugs which I reproted several weeks ago,

1845370 "Division by 0 in solve\(\)"


1845375 "factcomb\(\) in 5.13.0 gives wrong result",

are now fiexed in the CVS version of Maxima. Thank you for your fixes.


  • Robert Dodier
    Robert Dodier

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  • Robert Dodier
    Robert Dodier

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    Thanks for this report. I have changed "cp -a" to "cp -R" in r1.6 doc/info/extract_categories.sh. Closing this report as fixed.

    I am a curious, however, as to why extract_categories.sh was run. The maxima-nnn.tar.gz distribution contains all of the generated html files, does it not? So I don't think make install should try to run extract_categories.sh.

    Robert Dodier