and if you look at the cookbook .. you can see all the available colormaps..

have fun

On Mon, Jul 20, 2009 at 8:25 PM, Eric Firing <> wrote:
Ritayan Mitra wrote:
> Hello
>    I am trying to use imshow as below
> im = imshow(Z, interpolation='spline16', origin='lower',,
> extent=(-1.,1.,-1.,1.))
> Trouble is I want to reverse the color gradient or use some colorscheme
> which has lighter color at the bottom and darker higher up.  What is the
> easiest solution to this problem?  Thanks a bunch.

All the standard colormaps like have reversed counterparts with
"_r" appended to the name, so use cmap=cm.hot_r.

> Rit

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