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The application itself is actually a legacy app whose GUI is done with WTL (windows template library) which is a thin veneer on top of the windows API.  I have matplotlib set to use wxAgg as the backend.  I'm not inclined to rebuild the entire app with a different GUI toolkit so from your responses it looks like I'm going to have to do something more complicated using wx directly in the scripts in order to make this type of plotting work.  Unfortunately that requires a lot more of a learning curve than I was hoping.


On Nov 27, 2007 12:33 PM, Christopher Barker < > wrote:
John Hunter wrote:
>   > Eeeeew, that looks really dangerous.  For starters, I would never try
>   > to do this using pylab,

exactly. the question is -- what GUItoolkit are you using with C++?
hopefully it is wx or qt (you'd be using C with GTK, right?).

If so, then use the appropriate back-end, use it like the embedding_in
examples, and then it's like using GUI toolkit calls with a mixed
C++/Python app without MPL -- use the appropriate GUI mailing list for
questions about that.

If you're not using a GUI toolkit at all with C++, I'd be inclined to
reverse your approach, and use Python+wx (opr QT, or GTK) to host your
app, and extend with the C++.


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