Can I post also in that thread or should I open a new one?

I'm also trying the first Werner F. Bruhin example. I saved the and the example in then I run

python.exe py2exe bdist

When looking for dll, it fails claiming:
Error: wxmsw26u_vc_enthought.dll : No such file or directory

If I had
manually the file
in the prog directory, it works fine.

If I add wxmsw26_gl_vc_enthought.dll to data_files it does not install in the prog directory but in the upperlevel directory.

 How could I include it in the right place directly?

On 4/5/07, Werner F. Bruhin < > wrote:
Hi Archana,

Archana Ganesan wrote:
> ...
> is as follows.
> from pylab import *
> x = xrange(10)
> plot(x)
> savefig("trial.png")
The you are using will not work, it is meant for a matplotlib
embedded in wx, and even for that some lines are commented out.

Can you try the I sent yesterday with which I included, which is a script using pylab as you do in your


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