Is it just that the label too close to the border?

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13/08/2008 01:13 PM

[Matplotlib-users] MPL 0.91.2: bottom of xlabel chopped off


Sorry if this is in a FAQ somewhere--my initial attempts to find a solution have failed.

I am using matplotlib version
0.91.2.  When I use savefig to create a plot in which the xlabel text has any kind of "descender" (e.g. "$x_1$", or even simply a "j"), the lower part of the label is chopped off by the bottom edge of the plot.  Any suggestions for avoiding this?  (If this is a known bug that has been fixed in a later version, is there a relatively simple workaround for 0.91.2?  Eventually I'll upgrade, but I'd like to get my plots finished today.)

Thanks for any suggestions or pointers,


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