Use Python set and then convert to numpy array?

Pablo Romero <>

18/03/2009 01:50 PM

[Matplotlib-users] quick numpy question

quick numpy-related question.

I want to use numpy.arange() to create multiple arrays, and then I want to join these arrays (or individual elements) to the final array without repeating existing elements (create a 'union' from 2 or more arrays or individual elements).

# lev=(0,2,4,6,8,...,20)


#I want something like...


#WITHOUT repeating elements (i.e., only one '12' in resulting array), i.e., I want:

#or, add just a unique element(s)


#so I would want lev4 to look like this:

are these types of operations possible using numpy?
How can this be done?

Please help


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