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Thanks for everyone responses and help


 You are correct on what I have to do. The problem is that I have a data set
with ~1250 so I cant' do the sorting or finding the mean by hand. I guess
what I need to to is to write a script that will sort the values, bin them,
and keep track of the number of values in each bin. Then find the mean value
in each bin. Then the scrip has to take the number of values in each bin and
plot that versus the mean of each bin. I apologies for the lack of clarity
in my earlier posts. It was unclear to me what exactly had to be done until
this weekend.

I think you really need to read up on the NumPy documentation.  There are functions that will do this for you.  NumPy can load/save data, sort them, bin them, find means and standard deviations, etc...  You don't need to re-invent the wheel.

Plus, you keep on talking about having a script for each part.  While it is great that you like modularity, Python does support the use of functions, and I would encourage you to use them.

Ben Root