On Thursday, September 1, 2011, CompBio <rogersma@cs.colostate.edu> wrote:
> I'm trying to get a script to work in batch mode to produce a large number of
> plots.  I've got the following sequence of imports in a matplotlib Python
> script:
> import matplotlib, os, sys
> ...
> if file_ext == 'png' :
>    sys.stderr.write('Using PNG output format\n')
>    matplotlib.use('agg')
> elif file_ext == 'pdf' :
>    sys.stderr.write('Using PDF output format\n')
>    matplotlib.use('PDF')
> from pylab import *
> ... remainder of plotting code ...
> At first this appeared to work without any problems.  I could kick off a job
> in background, log off the machine and return later when all the graphs had
> been produced.
> Now I get this RuntimeError exception.  Is there anything else I need to do
> to convince matplotlib that it doesn't need my local display?
> thanks!
> --

Without the stack trace, it would be hard to tell.  Plus, there is already logic in the backends to switch to PDF and such for saving files.  It should only be necessary to set the backend to AGG if you want a headless batch script.

Ben Root