On Wednesday, September 19, 2012, Michael Droettboom wrote:
Damon McDougall, Christoph Gohlke and Russell Owen have been added to
the set of core developers with push rights and the ability to upload
files to the github download page.

Damon has come recently on the scene, but has provided all kinds of
helpful bug triaging and fixing during the 1.2.0 release cycle, as well
as cool new features such as 3d trisurfaces and stacked plots, to name
only a few.

Christoph Gohlke, besides providing tons of support on the mailing list
for a long while, has been providing Windows binaries for the past few

Russell Owen has been providing Mac OS-X builds for the past few
releases and has helped track down some portability problems in the
1.2.0 release.

Thanks to everyone on the growing team!


Welcome aboard!

Ben Root