Hey Raphael,

Jake Vanderplas has been working on mpld3, which lets you create D3 renderings of matplotlib graphs. We (Plotly) are working with him on a matplotlib exporter that lets you make interactive, online, labels/text on the hover Plotly graphs with matplotlib. Here is an IPython Notebook showing how to do that:


We're early on still, and Jake is definitely the driving force/mastermind behind the project. We're hoping to support more and more plotting from matplotlib and would love help, tips, feedback, and suggestions. We're happy to talk more if you'd like.

Thanks a bunch,

On Sun, Mar 2, 2014 at 12:17 PM, Raphael C <drraph@gmail.com> wrote:
I posted this to https://github.com/matplotlib/matplotlib/issues/2856
but it was suggested that the mailing list was a better place.

I am plotting a simple graph with many points. I would like to explore
the data by clicking on some of them to see what their labels are
(much as I can already in R). I don't want to see all the labels at
once. Currently the only solution I found was mpldatacursor. Is this
feature something interesting to matplotlib developers or even being
currently worked on?


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