On Mon, Feb 13, 2012 at 12:48 PM, C M <cmpython@gmail.com> wrote:
I noticed what is causing one of these issues:

1) When I point-pick on the plot, the plot area still "jumps" (expands vertically a small amount).  It used to do this each time I point-picked, but after upgrading MPL it now just does it the *first* time only.  But is it possible it can be fixed so it doesn't jump at all?

I see why this happens.  When I point pick, a popup window pops up and covers the plot.  I think this triggers a redraw.  What causes the jump in my case is that the plot's title is set, in y coordinate, to 1.04.  That is, the line is this:


This is interacting with the line in make_axes_area_auto_adjustable:

    if self.title.get_visible():

I have a workaround for this, which is just using a tip from Jae Joon to me* from 3 years ago (!).  Instead of setting the title offset as shown above, I set it in this fashion:

self.subplot.titleOffsetTrans._t = (0., 20.0/72.)

And then this somehow doesn't interact with the make_axes_area_auto_
adjustable function.

One problem down.  (I hope it is OK that I am answering my own questions, but didn't want to leave them out there and have others bother to work on it).