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ferret now has a pyferret module available through python. Just in case some people have used ferret before and might be interesting :)



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From: Karl Smith <>
Date: 2012/5/22
Subject: [ferret_users] PyFerret (beta) documentation and release available from Ferret website
To: ferret <>

For those interested in trying out PyFerret (Ferret as a Python
module), or those just interested in knowing more about PyFerret,
there are now documentation and download pages available on the Ferret
website under the documentation tab:

Toward the bottom part of the page is the link for the Downloads page,
which gives links for pre-built binaries and for source (as gzipped
tar files).
Below it is a link for the Installing or Building PyFerret page, which
gives step-by-step instructions for installing or building the
There is also a link for the Known Issues page, listing changes in
behavior and the most serious bugs that I am aware of.

This is the latest version (0.0.8) of PyFerret which produces better
graphics and supports saving images directly as PNG and PDF files.
(The XGKS graphics library has been replaced with Cairo and PyQt.  It
still uses Plot+, so those PPL commands still work).  It contains the
latest released version of Ferret, and is (statically) linked with
NetCDF-4.2 libraries.  I still am considering it a beta version
because of the bugs listed in the Known Issues page.

-- Karl

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