I am trying to help somebody get going on numpy/scipy/mpl.  She is having trouble when starting enthon's matplotlib.  She is a PC user (I am a unix/mac person), so I really don't know where to start finding the problem.  Below is her note to me.  Any advice would be helpful.

I got the enthought python etc. distribution (dated 7/5/06) again after
talking to you, and still get the same error with "from pylab import *"
Unfortunately, I can't grab the text from the ipython shell window, but
the gist is that pylab.m, tries to import Xaxis and Yaxis from axis,
axis.py tries to get FontProperties from font_manager.py, which in turn
looks for ft2font in matplotlib.   Which is where the error message box
saying "entry point _ctype could not be located in the dll lib
msvcr71.dll" gets created.  Maybe we should get another dummy tester to
try it.  My system has several mscvr71.dll's and it's probably choosing to
use the wrong one....

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