Hi, I'd very much vote for such a feature, too. It's absolutely not foolproof currently the way it is :(
What I find weird, too, is that while everthing fits on the canvas for PDF output, the left side is cropped for PNG.
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2011/2/1 Paul Anton Letnes wrote:

On 10. juni 2009, at 14.53, John Hunter wrote:

> On Wed, Jun 10, 2009 at 1:58 AM, Paul Anton
> Letnes wrote:
>>> This _must_ be a bug. Consider the following:
>>> ##############
>>> import matplotlib
> No it is not a bug -- mpl is doing what you tell it to do.  Consider
>>>> figure()
>>>> subplot(111)
>>>> plot([1,2,3])
>>>> xlabel('hi mom', fontsize=100)
> Each command has precise meaning -- the fig creates a figure using the
> default size, the subplot occupies a fraction of that figure according
> to the default ratios in the subplots_adjust parameters, and the
> xlabel makes a label at an indicated physical size.  You may not be
> explicitly setting those sizes, but they are all defined via defaults
> in the matplotlibrc.  We try and make mpl do what you tell it to do,
> not to try and out-smart you and do what we think you are telling it
> to do.
> Now I definitely support the idea that we should have a *feature* to
> auto-adjust the subplots_adjust params and fontsizes so that it "just
> works" more often.  But this should be an optional feature so the user
> who wants to express their intent clearly will not constantly be
> stymied by mpl adjusting the sizes.  Michael Droettboom has worked on
> it and it is a difficult problem to get right.

I don't mean to bother people with this question again, but has anyone implemented this auto-adjust feature that John was talking about? It would be nice not having to adjust matplotlib.rcParams['figure.subplot.left'] (and friends) in every plot script, or alternatively, through a clever hierarchy of matplotlibrc files.

By the way: kudos to matplotlib in every other respect!