On Sun, Nov 28, 2010 at 8:52 PM, C M <cmpython@gmail.com> wrote:
How can I correctly subclass AutoDateFormatter and use it in my code? 

What I am doing is copying the code from matplotlib's AutoDateFormatter and changing the strings for how the dates are represented and making that a class, MyAutoDateFormatter.  AutoDateFormatter expects a locator, and I think (?) the default is AutoDateLocator.  So in my code I am doing this:

        adl = AutoDateLocator()
        myformatter = MyAutoDateFormatter(adl)

But when I run it, no matter the level of zoom, it says "2010" (when it should change depending on zoom level). 

However, if I go into the matplotlib dates.py code itself and save the same changes to the date strings there, and I comment out the above code, then it works:  the date strings change depending on level of zoom. 

I've also just noticed that if I use the above code after the lines have been plotted, but then I click on one of the points (which causes a point-picking routine that ultimately plots a highlighting marker over that point), the x axis suddenly changes to use MyAutoDateFormatter's format strings.  (If I call it before I plot anything, it doesn't help, though).

Is the act of plotting somehow "refreshing" things?  What can I call in order to force this to happen without actually plotting any additional points after my lines are plotted?