I get the following error.
Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "trial.py", line 1, in ?
  File "pylab.pyo", line 1, in ?
  File "matplotlib\pylab.pyo", line 203, in ?
  File "matplotlib\axes.pyo", line 16, in ?
  File "matplotlib\axis.pyo", line 19, in ?
  File "matplotlib\patches.pyo", line 42, in ?
  File "matplotlib\patches.pyo", line 79, in Patch
  File "matplotlib\cbook.pyo", line 352, in dedent
AttributeError: 'NoneType' object has no attribute 'splitlines'

If I comment it out I am getting the error.

I have installed the following:

Python 2.4.4

wxPython runtime
win32-unicode for Python 2.4



setup.py is as follows

from distutils.core import setup
import os
from os.path import join
import shutil

import glob
import py2exe
from py2exe.build_exe import py2exe
import sys

import matplotlib
mpdir, mpfiles = matplotlib.get_py2exe_datafiles()

# cleanup dist and build directory first (for new py2exe version)
if os.path.exists("dist/prog"):

if os.path.exists("dist/lib"):

if os.path.exists("build"):

# options for py2exe
options = {"py2exe": {"compressed": 1,
                     "optimize": 2,
                     "packages": ["encodings",
##                                   "kinterbasdb",
##                                   "email",
                                   ## "numpy"
##                                   "PIL",
                    # "includes": "matplotlib.numerix.random_array",
                     "excludes": ["MySQLdb", "Tkconstants", "Tkinter", "tcl",
                                  "orm.adapters.pgsql", "orm.adapters.mysql"
                     "dll_excludes": ["tcl84.dll", "tk84.dll", "wxmsw26uh_vc.dll"]
zipfile = r"lib\library.zip"

     classifiers = ["Copyright:: your name",
                    "Development Status :: 5 Stable",
                    "Intended Audience :: End User",
                    "License :: Shareware",
                    "Operating System :: Microsoft :: Windows 2000",
                    "Operating System :: Microsoft :: Windows XP",
                    "Operating System :: Microsoft :: Windows 9x",
                    "Programming Language :: Python, wxPython",
                    "Topic :: Home Use"
                    "Natural Language :: German",
                    "Natural Language :: French",
                    "Natural Language :: English"],
   #  windows = [wx_emb],
     console = ['trial.py'],
     options = options,
     zipfile = zipfile,
     data_files = [("lib\\matplotlibdata", mpfiles),
                    matplotlib.get_py2exe_datafiles() # if you don't use the lib option
####                    ("prog\\amaradata", amaradata),
####                    ("prog\\amaradata\\Schemata", amaraschemata),
####                    ("prog\\", python4dll)

trial.py is as follows.

from pylab import *

x = xrange(10)

Kindly help.

thank you.


My trial.py is as follows

On 4/2/07, Werner F. Bruhin <werner.bruhin@free.fr> wrote:
Hi Archana,

Archana Ganesan wrote:
> Hi,
> I tried following the instructions at the py2exe site and I have also
> uncommeneted and made it include the matplotlib.numerix package. Still
> it doesnt seem to work. Is there any other way of compiling it into an
> executable?
Did you try to compile the sample I enclosed the other day?  Did that
work?  If not what error are you getting.

Are you using numpy or ?

Provide a small sample (with no dependencies if possible) which does not
work for you with the corresponding setup.py.