I've been having difficulties with axis limit control.  From a bigger application I've reduced an example down to the following short code segment.  Note, the commented-out line, #x = numpy.linspace(98.42, 99.21, 100), line in which the example works OKAY.

What is annoying is that the following example will produce a graph in which the x-axis is labeled at ticks starting at 0.1 going to 0.35 (times 1.474e2 !)  Instead, I am expecting an axis from 147.63 to 148.31.  Note that if you swap out the x with the commented-out line the example works like I would expect.

By the way, this example is with pylab.  However, I've got the same problem using plt from matplotlib or anything matplotlib related.

import random
import numpy
import pylab

#x = numpy.linspace(98.42, 99.21, 100)
x = numpy.linspace(147.63, 148.31, 100)
y = numpy.random.random((len(x)))
pylab.plot(x, y)
pylab.xlim(numpy.min(x), numpy.min(x))

Jim A. Horning