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Hi All,

   I believe this question has been already asked in the past (I
found something at

I use matplotlib extensively in our applications, and some of my users
repetitively asked for a way to customize *in runtime* the plots my
apps generate. I.e., the app brings up a figure with a bunch of lines,
points and texts, and they would like to change this linewidth, the
colour of that point, the appearance of an axis, the legend keys and
so on. I am currently answering "it can't be done at the moment" :-D.
It is obviously not true, it just require some (a lot, maybe) work.

Now, I know nothing about the other backends, but I know something
about wx and I believe it is doable. Obviously, if my job was software
programming and not reservoir engineering I would already have given
it a try, but unfortunately we only get 24 hours per day...

I don't think anything like this already exists, but it's an innocent
question and I hope I won't be kicked for asking :-D . If someone
knows about a possible/existing implementation, or even a start of an
implementation, please let me know.

Thank you.


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I can list three ways to interact with active plots:

1-)  Using keyboard shortcuts: Changing scaling  using "k" and "l" keys are my favorite. See more at http://matplotlib.sourceforge.net/users/navigation_toolbar.html

2-) Using the interactive navigation toolbar and with a small extension written by Pierre Raybaut (on Qt4Agg backend) For a screenshot see http://img156.imageshack.us/img156/9210/mplqtextra.png
This is open to development. Actually many of the command line mpl interface could be integrated into that window.

3-) Directly from within IPython shell. That's another useful way of updating figure properties (e.g. adding labels, changing font) IPython and matplotlib are very well integrated in that manner. Similarly, Mayavi does a great job of integrating shell and UI.