On Sun, Jan 31, 2010 at 4:21 PM, per freem <perfreem@gmail.com> wrote:
hi all,

two quick questions about labels. first, is there a way to make
subscripts/superscripts *without* using TeX in labels? For example, I
use helvetica in all my labels and I want to plot something like:
plt.xlabel("log10") where "10" is a subscript of "log", but without
doing: plt.xlabel(r"$\log_{10}$"), since that will use LaTeX fonts
instead of my helvetica font.

Unicode strings might be the answer for this. Though needs someone's confirmation.

second question, when using TeX, I tried the following TeX command in labels:
plt.annotate(r"\frac{\sigma}{\sqrt{\mu}}", ....) but it complains that
"not all arguments converted during string formatting" -- but it seems
like correct TeX to me. if I try r"\frac{1}{2}" then it works, but
using \sigma and \sqrt inside breaks it.. any idea how to fix this?

Have you forgotten "$" ? The following works correctly in my system.



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