Is it working on your side from a bash shell as "ipython --pylab script argument"

I couldn't make it work in this fashion. As I said whos list nothing :(

I am on Fedora 10 x86, Python 2.5.2, IPython 0.10.bzr.r1173

Without the pylab switch I see the interactive space with variables. I also have plot imported from my script, however each time I have to call show() to see the figure to be re-drawn.

To me, it seems one need to compromise: either to start ipython --pylab first and call scripts using "run" magic command or like you suggested start ipython with the script loaded and call show() after each plot command.

Please comment me if I am wrong...


On Sun, May 17, 2009 at 3:19 PM, Roy Hyunjin Han <> wrote:
On Sun, May 17, 2009 at 2:17 PM, Gökhan SEVER <> wrote:
> Hello Roy,
> "ipython 09_03_23_11_44_54.stats.tas"
> works, but I can't make it work with pylab switch. It executes my script,
> however whos list an empty namespace :(


The "whos" command works for me.

Also, why can't you use "import pylab" and make your plots directly in ipython?
You can also use "from pylab import *" if you don't want to type pylab
every time.

In [1]: whos
Variable                       Type        Data/Info
argv                           list        ['',
argv_arr                       ndarray     12x13: 156 elems, type
`float64`, 1248 bytes
axes                           function    <function axes at 0x92b6064>
axis                           function    <function axis at 0x92b6294>
boxplot                        function    <function boxplot at 0x92b6924>
d09_03_23_11_44_54_stats_tas   ndarray     12x13: 156 elems, type
`float64`, 1248 bytes
data_len                       int         12
draw                           function    <function draw at 0x9212dbc>
f                              file        <closed file
'09_03_23_11<...>', mode 'r' at 0x88ef260>
i                              int         11
loadtxt                        function    <function loadtxt at 0x8b65304>
mouse_hover_formatx            function    <function
mouse_hover_formatx at 0x88e84fc>
mouse_hover_formaty            function    <function
mouse_hover_formaty at 0x88e84c4>
plot                           function    <function plot at 0x92b6cdc>
savefig                        function    <function savefig at 0x9212df4>
show                           function    <function show at 0x920f72c>
skiprows                       int         30