I’ve recently used the toolbar from wxAgg backend:

from matplotlib.backends.backend_wx import NavigationToolbar2Wx


I’ve got a problem when trying to freeze my app now because I get this message when trying to invoke the toolbar:


Traceback (most recent call last):

  File "CommandPanel.pyo", line 80, in OnOpenFile

  File "AnalystPanel.pyo", line 33, in addPanel

  File "Filter.pyo", line 50, in createWidget

  File "A1Filter.pyo", line 70, in fillWidget

  File "matplotlib\backends\backend_wx.pyo", line 1548, in __init__

  File "matplotlib\backend_bases.pyo", line 1524, in __init__

  File "matplotlib\backends\backend_wx.pyo", line 1570, in _init_toolbar

  File "matplotlib\backends\backend_wx.pyo", line 1405, in _load_bitmap

IOError: Could not find bitmap file "mpl-data\images\home.png"; dying


It is really strange because I’ve put this in my setup.py:

import matplotlib

data_files = matplotlib.get_py2exe_datafiles()


So there is a directory mpl-data/images so should work…

(other files are well found like fonts etc…)

Any guys has had this issue? (Matplotlib 0.98.1)