I think this might be a matplotlib issue.

I've been having some refresh issues with matplotlib since switching to 2.6.  In particular I've noticed that if I put my mouse over the toolbar and let a tooltip pop up the canvas does not get repainted.

Up to now I'd been assuming this problem was isolated to me (I use ratpoison as a window manager, which can confuse some apps).

I've cc'ed the matplotlib list in case anyone can throw some light on this.


dimitri pater wrote:
I upgraded to PyGTK 2.6 from 2.4 . Now, when I switch from page 2 on a Gtk.Notebook back to page 1, page 1 still shows some elements from page 2 (it is not refreshed, just some parts). Both pages contain graphs created with Matplotlib. I never had problems like this with 2.4...
Any clues somebody? If necessary, I will attach the source files.

Best regards,

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