I i have tree lists or array of values
list x of 100... values
list y of 100.. values
list mag of 100.. values
list x and y are coordiantes of points
and list Mag is magnitude of something at that point

how can i plot this quantities using matplotlib, any function please?

my code starts as.....i need to plot the points vhat can i use?

from __future__ import division
from matplotlib.patches import Patch
from pylab import *

def func3(x,y):
    return (1- x/2 + x**5 + y**3)*exp(-x**2-y**2)

# make these smaller to increase the resolution
dx, dy = 0.5, 0.5

X = arange(-3.0, 3.0001, dx)

Y = arange(-3.0, 3.0001, dy)

Mag= X**2+Y**2

?????(X, Y, Mag)
savefig('three d plot of points making a surface')

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