releases vs CVS?

  • I've noticed that the last "official" release (1.0b) is more than a year old now.  But from the mailing list archives, as well as this forum, it seems like development is continuing. 

    What is the "preferred" distribution method for general users? CVS?


    • Angus,

        I didn't see a response, so here is my 2-cents...use CVS.  I don't know if the "1.0b" release has been modified since it was first announced.  If it has not that is a serious problem since there are some serious errors.  The current CVS snap shot has fixed these as well as added several additional functions.


    • Tunc Simsek
      Tunc Simsek

      Sorry for the delay -- I've been unavailable for
      the last month and just got around to reading
      the matlisp posts.

      Anyway, we are planning on making a new
      release.  But when that will happen I don't

      The release is basically a tar'ed and zipped
      version of the CVS repository.  So,  if  you
      have CVS access please go ahead and
      do a CVS check-out.  Don't hesitate to
      ask questions if you run into any trouble.