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Version 1.5.2 release

Changes in 1.5.2 (31 July 2013)
Added support for linear data read for v4 and HDF5 MAT files
Fixed bug reading slices of variables in matdump
Fix feof calls so they compile on platforms that dereference the argument in a macro
More robust checking that file is MAT file and eliminates some segmentation faults
Various fixes for unused variables, unnecessary initializations, etc. that cause compilers to issue diagnostices
Several other fixes

Posted by cch 2013-07-31

Version 1.5.1 released

Changes in 1.5.1 (10 March 2013)
* Fix bug writing compressed HDF5 files
* Fix bug reading cell array elements written with a non-empty variable name
* Fix bug writing complex sparse matrices as struct fields or cell elements to
uncompressed v5 MAT files
* Fix a number of potential issues identified via static analysis
* Fix uninitialized pointers when creating structures through
Mat_VarCreateStruct, and fix a bug in the struct API testsuite
* Fix extended sparse support in v7.3 MAT files and add 64-bit integer support
for v5 MAT files
* Add missing support for reading hyperslabs from HDF5 MAT files
* Added variable indexing notation support to matdump to display subsets of
* Added tests for extended sparse support in testsuite
* Add missing enumerations or default case in switch statements

Posted by cch 2013-03-10

Version 1.5.0 release

Version 1.5.0 was release 4/15/2012. Important changes in 1.5.0 (15 April 2012)
* Support for reading/writing HDF5 format MAT files
* Bug fixes for compressed variables that caused issues with matio reading
* Upgrade of dimensions in matvar_t structure to size_t enabling support for
large arrays.
* A testsuite

Posted by cch 2012-04-15

Beta release posted

A beta release of the next version of matio (1.5.0) has been posted to the Files section. The final release will be soon.

Posted by cch 2012-03-19

Matlab v7.3 File Support started

With the creation of the matio v1.5.0 branch, support for Matlab's new 7.3 file format (HDF 5 based) will start. Matio v1.5.0 will also clean up some data structures with unnecessary fields as well as some interfaces.

Posted by cch 2006-10-04