Version 1.4 is out!

I've released another update, but this one isn't as big on the end user side. I've made much changes to the code so I could implement the custom difficulty and I fixed some bugs, which no one is telling me about and I have to find them out myself.

Here's what's new:
Custom Difficulty Level added: Now you can set the range of numbers you will be asked, the operation to use, and the number of questions you will be asked.
Commands able to be used before choosing difficulty level.
More technical stuff changed behind the scenes so now the /debug command is showing completely different things.
The log.txt wasn't being created on any Windows computers because of a file path error. This is now fixed

I am no longer building the Mac native executable file for this project, so if you're using a Mac, you need to download the .jar file. It will still work if you double-click it, but you won't be able to put it in your dock. For Windows users, I will put up an .exe file for you, but it will be the beta-2 version, so it will not be the most up to date.

And please, notify me of any bugs!

Posted by Jasper 2013-11-07