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#9 vinculums's relative thickness varies over magnifications


This is an "imperfection", not a bug.

In the right hand side of "An Identity of Ramanujan" at <http://www.mathjax.org/?page_id=13>, there are a series of vinculums (fraction bars). In Firefox 3.5.6 OS X, these render with different apparent thicknesses, and which vinculums are thick or thin *change* depending on which magnification I use. (Safari and Chrome on OS X both produce nicer results.)


  • Anonymous

    Hrmm, I know realise that which bars are thick and thin is not simply a function of the magnification, but also of the recent magnification history! I guess this is just a Firefox peculiarity, and not a MathJax issue.

  • The thickness of the fraction lines are specified to the browser in em's not pixels (so that they scale properly), and the mapping of em's to pixels is subject to round off issues. These seem to be particularly troublesome in Firefox, and you are right that it depends on the initial magnification. I hadn't realized it also depended on the zoom history, though.

    If the thickness is too small, Firefox may remove the line entirely (you can see this by zooming down to very small sizes), so MathJax uses a minimum size that is about one and a quarter pixels (at the default magnification) to try to prevent the line from disappearing. Unfortunately, FF still sometimes makes this two pixels wide rather than just one.


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