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MathFrame Wiki online

As per today, the new MathFrame Wiki is online under:

The wiki shall provide up do date information about using MathFrame++, programming MLLs and allow users to exchange experiences while doing so. It shall also provide a playground for MLL writers where they can discuss their findings while experimenting with their MLLs; furtheron doku and/or download locations for user written MLLs should be uploaded here, so anyone can experiment with these MLLs.
As with a typical wiki the principle: anybody can edit - go ahead folks.

Posted by Harald Nowak 2006-07-23

Version 1.2 finally released!

MathFrame 1.2

What is new?

*) Formula evaluation now supports sequence operator ';' and definition
operator ':' which allows for statements like:


instead of the lengthy:


*) Parameter Dialog Support Editors where enhanced by:

i) Long Text Editor - type "longtext" (see Plot2D or Plot3D sample DAT files)
ii) Matrix Editor - type "matrix" (see Statistics DAT file)... read more

Posted by Harald Nowak 2006-07-16

MathFrame++ 1.2 preview

For those willing to try to compile themselves, a preview of the next version 1.2 (work in progress) can be fetched from the CVS

Posted by Harald Nowak 2006-04-20

MathFrame++ 1.2 features

The next major release of MathFrame++ will contain at least the following new features:
1. Matrix/Vector (Spreadsheet like) edit dialog
2. Enhanced formula entry dialog (multiple lines now supported)
3. Toolbar buttons for easily moving around in 2D/3D graphs
4. Snapshot now also copies pixel graphics
5. Expressions now allow for on the fly variable definitions like: sin(r:(sqrt(x^2+y^2))/r together with sequence points like:
a*b... read more

Posted by Harald Nowak 2006-04-19

First stable version 1.0 available

As of today, MathFrame 1.0 is available - the first stable version of MathFrame. The release contains a few sample MLLs with the latest addition PlanetAnim.MLL that simulates the movement of n bodies under a central force.

Posted by Harald Nowak 2005-09-19

First beta release availability

The first beta release will be available during the next week

Posted by Harald Nowak 2005-08-29