Left Align Equation List ?

Big Ron
  • Big Ron
    Big Ron

    I really wish there was a way to align all of the equations on the equation list to the left side of the page.  It bugs the hell out of me to have everything center aligned, because it is harder for me to find the equation that I am looking for, so I have been adding lots of  spaces to the end of each line in order to force all of the equations to somewhat left align, which is better than nothing, but I am wasting a lot of time adding and removing spaces when I could be getting more work done instead. 

  • Tom Chekam
    Tom Chekam

    Thank you very much for your suggestion,

    Unfortunately, this feature would be complex to implement, since under the hood I don't have control or knowledge of the equation graphics. So I'm very sorry. Thanks you anyway, I appreciate any feedback.