#4 Is it possible to build 64-bit version for Win x64?

Tomas Cipr

we are using ATLAS successfully in our speech processing/recognition library. ATLAS helps us mainly for efficient implementation of classification by neural nets. We've done a benchmark comparing Intel's MKL, AMD's ACML and ATLAS, which proved to suit our needs the best. As MS Win is OS of our target audience, we've been using ATLAS compiled for Win as well. Everybody has been happy with a 32-bit version so far but a demand for 64-bit version of our library now emerges. So I began to investigate the possibility of installing 64-bit ATLAS on Win x64.

I tried to compile ATLAS using mingw-w64_x86-64_cygwin32. I spent a lot of time trying to pass through the whole build process but without success. I ended up with a configuration that used mingw-w64_x86-64 compilers for all the tasks but harness routines compilation (XCC). I used default (32-bit!) GCC built in Cygwin for that. I hope this is not a problem as it should serve only for building helper (not even the tune) tools for building process. The reason for using biult-in GCC was that mingw-w64_x86-64_cygwin32's standard functions behave like native windows and not cygwin/linux ones. Problems were with absolute paths used in fopen(), system(), etc.

I've passed through the configuration step. Then I've just slightly edited Make.inc to substitute 'gcc x86_64-w64-mingw32-gcc' by 'x86_64-w64-mingw32-gcc' in GOODGCC (have no idea how the original value with two compilers mixed into the single variable was assigned). Then I ran 'make build'. Making itself seemed to run smoothly but each (tuning) binary which was built using libatlas.a ended up with segmentation fault. Using GDB I was just able to find out that it failed during execution of some ASM code (e.g. in ATL_daxpy_xp1yp1aXbX.c).

I just wanted to ask if you have some experience with installing ATLAS on Win x64 or at least know that it should be somehow possible. Any help would be greatly appreciated. I am a bit afraid that problem might be in mingw-w64_x86-64 compiler which is probably not completely mature yet.

Thank you very much.



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    Tomas Cipr

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  • Tomas,

    I am afraid that I have no experience on 64-bit windows. I have a few windows boxes that I keep around for ATLAS testing, but I only use them when getting ready for a stable release. One of my main test platforms at work is actually down at the minute (maybe bad power supply).

    Anyway, I actually do not have access to 64-bit windows myself. I think I may be able to obtain it with an academic license from the school, but I am not sure.

    Even under 32-bit, I have not been able to support MingW for the simple reason that the couple of times I looked at it, I was unable to install it successfully, or figure out how to use it.

    The fact that cygwin is so slow to support 64 bit is certainly of concern to me. I have asked if we have a site license for 64-bit windows and if so, I will try to install so I can scope this out.

    The problem is finding the time; Windows is a huge pain the ass for me, involving firing up special machines and using substandard tools, and so I cannot devote the time to it that I should . . .

    Add to this, that nobody here has any expertise on things like minw/cygwin, so I have to figure everything out myself from scratch, the fact that I will not pay to support windows components, so I can only support something that the school already provides, and you see why things move so slowly here . . .


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  • Hi,

    I am very sorry for the looong delay, but I think I have gotten Windows fully supported in ATLAS 3.9.79. Using it, you can build 32-bit libs using either the cygwin compilers or the MinGW compilers, though you still need cygwin installed. The ATLAS installation guide that comes with the tarfile has Windows-specific installation instructions.

    Can you try 3.9.79 and let me know if it works for you?

    Many thanks,

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  • Newest ATLAS can build 64-bit libs using MinGW. Closing this one as fixed. Open a new support request if you have problems.