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#782 Compilation crashes on Slackware Linux

Jaroslav Fojtik

Compilation crashes on Slackware Linux, see build output in attachment.


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  • This tracker is for confirmed ATLAS bugs only. Please follow the directions given here:
    and start all support requests as items on the support tracker. I will escalate the problem to the bug tracker once it is a confirmed ATLAS bug, and I see it isn't duplicative of a known bug.

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  • That is a strange error. Can you confirm it persists in 3.9.55?


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  • The compilation still crashes. See output of make inside attachment.

  • OK, something definitely not OK: ATLAS is able to use threads for detecting the number of cores (6), but somehow doesn't generate the needed files for later building.

    I wonder if some power-of-2 bigotry has crept back into my code. Just as a WAG, can you try a configure where you add "-t 4" to your configure line and see if things go any better?

    I currently don't have any non-power-of-2 machines, and its been a year or two at least since I did.


  • -t 4 looks better, but there is still some problem.

    #I currently don't have any non-power-of-2 machines,
    Most BIOSes could disable cores. So when you have e.g. 8 cores, you could easily scale down to 7 cores.

  • Are you perchance using a heavily loaded shared file system for this install? I just noticed this line right after the "missing" file is supposedly generated:
    Timeout waiting for file /usr/src/ATLAS-3.9.55/BUILD/include/atlas_pthreads.h!!

    If you are using a shared filesystem, just rule out this problem, how about attempting to install in a local area (eg., /tmp) to rule that out? I think ATLAS has a mechanism for working with very slow filesystems, but it is not guaranteed, and I'd like to know that is the only problem before we try to use it.


  • Nope. I has been using standalone Linux system. The last time I even did not boot X, I only booted to console to compile ATLAS. May be that I has been running Firefox or Pegasus Mail at same time during compilation of ATLAS.

    Just for clearing, I has been running make twice to strip out many succesfull tests. The first run failed and a second run failed on a same place.

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