#56 can not set cross-compiler



I am trying to install ATLAS 3.6.0 with cross-compiler
onto BG/L.
I expect to get a question, "Are you using
cross-compiler?" or something like that, but I can not
get that question. Instead of that, ATLAS tries to
figure out the architecture ... even though the
compiling platform has a different architecture from BG/L.

Would you give me a suggestion to my problem?
Thank you.


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    ATLAS used to have support for cross-compiling, but during
    the 3.6 release I didn't have access to any archs that
    needed it, and I had very little spare time, and so the
    cross-compiler support was not updated. However, the
    existing framework was kept in config, in the hopes that I
    would add it back later, but I have not had time to do so.

    The way cross-compiling used to work was with rsh: config
    would run on the front-end, and spawn all jobs to the
    backend with ssh. A shared filesystem was assumed, so that
    the backend could directly write the output files. When I
    attempted to convert this rsh infrastructure over to ssh,
    the time cost was intolerable for some reason, and so I
    quit. So, the modern infrastructure was never tested with
    ssh, even though some of the code has it. Surely today,
    assuming you set up the ssh keys so you don't run get
    prompted for a password on each ssh, ssh is fast enough to
    support this.

    So, if you have a shared filesystem, you may find you can
    massage config to support cross compilation. The call to
    GetXCompTarg is currently commented out in config.c. I've
    added system probes since the last time I tried this, that
    may not work initially either. However, this may provide
    you with a starting point.If you get it to work, maybe you
    can even tell me what you did!

    What I'd like to do at some point is add support for not
    having a shared filesystem. There's no reason ssh couldn't
    scp the created file back, but I'd need to pass the filename
    around or something . . .

    So, unless you fix it yourself, ATLAS presently doesn't
    support cross-compilation. I have asked for an
    infrastructure grant to update ATLAS support, and this is a
    feature I'd like to add back if I get it . . .

    I'm moving this report to the "feature request list". As I
    say, I'd like to have it, but I just don't have the time to
    mess with it right now . . .


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