Help with installing MinGW

  • I've been asked to look into supporting MinGW compilers in the ATLAS configure/install steps.  I tried to look into this a while back, and couldn't even figure out how to get MinGW installed.

    I plan to try again when I have time, and I will post any difficulties I have at that time.  In the meantime, if you know how to do it, and don't mind explaining, please do so and I will use your directions at my next try.


  • **The simplest way to install MinGW gcc 4.x** is probably to use the (non-official)  (4.4.1-TDM2 at the time of writing).

    Go there, and use the "on-demand installer". When you fire up the wizard, don't forget to add gfortran as it is not selected by default. The exception model is irrelevant for ATLAS, hence the default sjlj is ok.

    **The only problem I found with TDM 4.4.1-TDM2 is that one must add the option -lgcc to gfortran, otherwise there are link errors**.

    **The second solution is to use the official MinGW**, but the automated installer is outdated and insists on installing gcc 3.4.5. Hence the install must be done manually. It is just a matter of unpacking a few archives (say, with 7-zip found at as explained