#10 improved opacity

Rico Schiekel


opacity works well with x.org and xcompmgr. really nice
eye candy. ;)

the only problem I have, is that the fonts are also
translucent and so unreadable. this makes the terminal
using a high opacity value unusable.

is there a way to have real transparency but drawing
the font without opacity?



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    we need xorg/xcompmgr to support this feature. right now it
    is not possible - please correct me if I've missed something
    since the last time I hacked this piece of code.

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    Yes i would also like to see something like this, ALSO do only make the background transparent and not the whole window, eg my Windows on my desktop are not transparent and i only want mrxvt to be transparent, the issue is that the whole window becomes transparent and it do look really wierd. So i would like an option to ONLY make the background transparent, and let the text and the rest of the window to NOT be transparent

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    Just to clarify what i said before so you don't get confused and believe that i am talking about wanting pseudo transparency. What i wanted to say is that i only want True Transparency on the background and not the whole window.