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#128 Can't override +Add macros with Dummy

Adam Katz

I can't override the default Shift+Return macro with a Dummy without getting the error message "Can not add actions to a Dummy macro" (though it still works).

I assume this is because the system-wide configuration's +Add line fails to be wiped by the Dummy line.

Steps to reproduce:

1. Ensure the following lines are still present in /etc/mrxvt/mrxvtrc:

Mrxvt.macro.Primary+Shift+Return: Esc \ec
Mrxvt.macro.Primary+Add+Shift+Return: Str ^M

2. Add the following line to the end of your ~/.mrxvtrc:

Mrxvt.macro.Primary+Shift+Return: Dummy

3. Launch mrxvt.

I also tried this (with either one first) in my ~/.mrxvtrc:

Mrxvt.macro.Primary+Shift+Return: Dummy
Mrxvt.macro.Primary+Add+Shift+Return: Dummy


Because the added command for Shift+Return is merely an echoed linebreak, it appears safe to ignore. All that's needed is an override that doesn't do anything. Instead of Dummy, add "Exec true" to your ~/.mrxvtrc file:

Mrxvt.macro.Primary+Shift+Return: Exec true

Other +Add macros cannot be overridden. They include Ctrl+Shift+c and Ctrl+Shift+w (though I have not tested them to confirm).

Reporter's system:

Linux Kernel 2.6.26-1-686
Distribution Debian lenny/sid
mrxvt 0.5.3-2 (Debian package version)

Versions of packages mrxvt depends on:
ii libc6 2.7-16 GNU C Library: S
ii libfontconfig1 2.6.0-1 generic font con
ii libice6 2:1.0.4-1 X11 Inter-Client
ii libjpeg62 6b-14 The Independent
ii libpng12-0 1.2.27-2 PNG library - ru
ii libx11-6 2:1.1.5-2 X11 client-side
ii libxft2 2.1.12-3 FreeType-based f
ii libxpm4 1:3.5.7-1 X11 pixmap libra
ii libxrender1 1:0.9.4-2 X Rendering Exte
ii mrxvt-common 0.5.3-2 lightweight mult
ii zlib1g 1: compression libr


  • Adam Katz
    Adam Katz

    oh, sorry. I'm used to bugzilla's fixed-width formatting, so I truncated the reportbug (Debian tool) output. The 80-column bug report template (output from reportbug -p mrxvt) is attached.
    File Added: mrxvt-template

  • Adam Katz
    Adam Katz

    Debian bug report template from "reportbug -p mrxvt"