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MATAA (Mat's Audio Analyzer) / News: Recent posts

New MATAA release available

Dear All

I just uploaded a new MATAA release. The new release is available at .

The new release contains a bug fixes, code improvements, and extended functions. These were available in the subversion (SVN) repository, but I though it’s about time to put the improvements from the last three years into a new release. As always, I recommend using the SVN repository to keep track of the latest and the greatest of MATAA. However, if you prefer the point releases, this is for you.... read more

Posted by Matthias Brennwald 2014-04-19

Full Linux support!

The new release (20081229) now provides full support for sound in/out with Linux.

Posted by Matthias Brennwald 2008-12-29

Bug fix

Fixed a but that has occurred on some Windows machines running Octave, and that prevented MATAA from working properly.

Posted by Matthias Brennwald 2007-10-25

Documentaion updated

I updated the documentation slightly (including spaces in the path to the MATAA files, links to the MATAA article in aX).

Posted by Matthias Brennwald 2007-08-12

Article published in audioXpress

The article on MATAA has been published in audioXpress 7/2007. You can download it at

Posted by Matthias Brennwald 2007-08-12

Article in audioXpress!

An article on MATAA is scheduled to appear in the July issue of audioXpress ( !

Posted by Matthias Brennwald 2007-04-17

Code cleanup

Code clean up to fix minor problem with Octave on Windows, fix mataa_audio_info to properly return '(UNKNOWN)' as device name if the audio device is unknown.

Posted by Matthias Brennwald 2007-03-06

Simultaneous ouptut of different test signals

Added support for simultaneous ouptut of different test signals in different sound channels. Thanks to Morten Laursen for the idea and the help!

Posted by Matthias Brennwald 2007-03-02

Fixed problems with Matlab

I fixed a few minor typos in the code that would prevent code execution in Matlab (Octave is not affected).

Posted by Matthias Brennwald 2007-02-19

Support for sound input/output on Windows

Shu Sang compiled TestTone and TestDevices for Windows to enable sound input/output on Windows. Thanks Shu!

Posted by Matthias Brennwald 2007-02-15

Expanded documentation

Expanded documentation now includes a complete list of all MATAA tools and their usage.

Posted by Matthias Brennwald 2007-01-30

Minor fixes in code and documentation.

Minor fixes in code and documentation.

Posted by Matthias Brennwald 2007-01-15

First public release

First public release of MATAA released.

Posted by Matthias Brennwald 2007-01-06