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MAP - Map Assembly Project / News: Recent posts

MAPEditor v0.7.0 released

After some time-out, MAPEditor comes back with an all-new editing system, which finally works good enough to lift the project status to Alpha state!
The Server is currently not running 24/7, I am looking for some windows machine that could solve this problem. Maybe the server will be ported to Linux shortly, that would do it, too.

Posted by Yannick Hein 2007-02-23

domain mapassembly.org started

Finally, the project has its own domain. The wiki moved to http://mapassembly.org/wiki.

Posted by Yannick Hein 2007-02-08

Wiki launched

A wiki has been launched at http://map.hopto.org (attention: wiki moved to new project site mapassembly.org/wiki).

Posted by Yannick Hein 2007-01-27

MAPEditor v0.6.0 released

Added enough edit-functionalities to release a new test-version. Still, there is a lot to do.
msvcrtd.dll was missing in the last package, should be included in this one.

Posted by Yannick Hein 2004-10-26

MAPEditor v0.5.0 released

A next preview of MAPEditor is released. Read the release notes and changelog for further information. Keep in mind that this is still a pre-alpha version until version 1.0, so the program is not useful for now.

Posted by Yannick Hein 2004-10-10

New Package for v0.4

The files have been packaged into a new zip files with minor changes. No InstallDB needed anymore.

Posted by Yannick Hein 2004-09-09

MAPEditor v0.4 released

Die bereits vor 3 Tagen releaste Debug-Version wurde nach einigen Kompilierschwierigkeiten durch die Release-Version ersetzt, die nun keine besonderen Debug-DLLs mehr bentigt.

Posted by Yannick Hein 2004-09-09