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'Mas' PICxxx Generic assembly / News: Recent posts

Long time ago (new MAS compiler)

Already three years passed from first release. Now new MAS compiler is in development.

First to say, it is completly new thing: it will be MPASM like compiler, and probably have support for other microcontrolers (trough some small script, like in previus version of mas).

Second things are linker and library tool - no more plain hex files; compile, make lib, link, than you got hex.

I will try to make it 100% MPASM compatible (no garanty for that, but ...) and put some new 'cool' things.... read more

Posted by Zaharije Pasalic 2007-02-02

First Release

First full working release!!!!!

Posted by Zaharije Pasalic 2004-10-01


Sorry, but momently i have problemos woth my net conection, so i can not put new 'mas'. It will be corrected in few days.

Posted by Zaharije Pasalic 2004-07-20

Mas evolution

For now mas is evoluted to generic assembly. What this means? Mas support script language that can describe new processor. For now, it is very simple, but I write dozen of scripts for all PICxxx families.

All PICxxx microcontrollers have include files, and config files for code generation.

Whole documentation is writed, more directives and powerful macros. See it soon.

Posted by Zaharije Pasalic 2004-06-29

BETA version

This is BETA version of mas and mdisas (binaries for Win and source). Source is not platform idenp :( becuase i use 'itoa' function. First full release will be platform idenp.

Posted by Zaharije Pasalic 2004-05-24