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extracting timecourse- FIR: block design

  • Hello!
      I'm trying to extract the timecourse using the FIR in a block design averaging across all of my sessions.  However, in my experimental design I have some runs where there is one event and others where there are multiple events.  Thus, there are multiple onsets with the blocks that have multiple events (with the offsets reflecting a rest period), and I obviously do not want to average the signal during the rest period with the signal during the 'on' period.  When setting up the conditions for the FIR, is there (or has anybody figured out) someway to select the appropriate 'on' bins so that I don't have to average in the 'off' periods as well?  I see that when using the FIR option I can input the bin length, but this can be only a single number, rather than multiple lengths/values.  Is there someway around this using MarsBaR?  Any and all help would be greatly appreciated!!!

    Joaquin A Anguera, M.S.
    Division of Kinesiology
    University of Michigan
    (734) 764-8186