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Mars Simulation Project v. 2.71 Released

Version 2.71 of the Mars Simulation Project has been released.

Version 2.71 is primarily focused on refactoring the code and reorganizing the directory structure. The simulation and the user interface are now cleanly broken apart into two packages. Greg Whelan added a new USGS mode that allows 8x zoom on the Mars Navigator surface map with an Internet connection. Resources are produced and consumed a great deal more in the simulation. INSITU resource processors have been added to the settlements to generate oxygen, fuel and water. ... read more

Posted by Scott Davis 2001-01-31

Mars Simulation Project v. 2.7 released

Version 2.7 of the Mars Simulation Project is now released. It can be
downloaded on the project's Web site:

Features include:

Random mechanical failures in rovers.
Periodic maintenance for rovers in settlement garages.
Mechanic skill and task for people.
Stuck vehicles can be slowly winched along by their crew until reaching drivable ground again.
Fuel tracking in rovers and settlements.
Mars globe in navigator tool renders much faster now.
User configuration text files for adding rovers, settlements and people, and changing their names.... [read more](/p/mars-sim/news/2000/09/mars-simulation-project-v-27-released/)
Posted by Scott Davis 2000-09-12

Mars Simulation Project 2.65 released

Mars Simulation Project 2.65 has been released.

Settlements have been fleshed out quite a bit, including working greenhouses. There's also been quite a few changes to the look and feel of the project as well. Check out the screenshots on the project site.

The newest version can be downloaded at the project site:

This application requires a Java 2 virtual machine.

Posted by Scott Davis 2000-05-31